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Friday, 26 February 2016

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 It's lovely to get into singing as an adult. It helps us relax and express ourselves, while providing those well-earned endorphins!

Singing is a fabulous stress-buster as it  gets us breathing properly, helps the energy to flow and gets those feelings out! Many people feel as if singing gives them a therapeutic experience. The more  your  singing technique improves, the more control you gain and confidence grows as a result.

Also, singing is such an individual form of expression, and everyone has their own relationship with their voice. 

As well as being a singing teacher, I am also a qualified life coach, and use those skills to help people identify singing/creative goals. I try to  work with everyone in a way that suits them, towards achieving those goals, whatever they may be.

Some people have instant access to their voices and  seem to sing effortlessly . Others need to develop an awareness of how the voice works, and  build up technique and methods using a combination of skills, instincts and experiences.

I find that developing a fundamental knowledge of technique, and building a workable, enjoyable routine of practice into ones life (even if only a few minutes) can help development surprisingly quickly. 

Often, people who believe they "can't" sing,  simply aren't used to the sound of their own voice and have no idea of  the  keys and ranges that suit them.  

With individual lessons, many of these things can be improved very quickly, and I have never (yet!) come across a totally "lost cause" - a lot depends on what goals you set!

Everyone's experience of their voice is different, so it helps to find a method that works for you.

You may find you only need a few tips to get you started, or it may be a longer journey, and you find you really want to develop and take it seriously, in which case, like a sport, the more you put in the more you get out!

I'm always very happy to have a chat with people thinking of exploring their voice. 

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