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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Podcast - Coming soon!

I will be producing a series of Podcasts starting in 2019. 

The content will be based on my 25 years coaching experience, research and exploration of ideas around people's relationship with their voice, on a professional, personal and emotional level.

I will also be in conversation with voice practitioners, singers, speakers, healers, thinkers and inviting people to tell their vocal stories

I wanted to share some of my early ideas and notes, below, with this in mind:

Podcast notes 18:4:018

Our relationship with voice, spoken and sung, is one that we don't tend to explore or challenge unless we have a particular interest in singing or public speaking.

Everyone has a voice, but so many people, when asked, say they "dislike" or even "hate" their voice for one reason or another. They say they "can't sing" or they describe their spoken voice in a derogatory way.

The root of this ambivalence is often, although not exclusively, the result of a hurtful remark, an impression or an event resulting in shame or embarrassment.

This can form a habit of thinking that goes unchallenged, to avoid further pain.

Our low vocal confidence can have an impact on our wider confidence, particularly in communicating. All stemming from this thought habit.

Most people never begin to try to make a vocal change - ("...why would I spend time, energy and expense on something so embarrassing that's so awful - and where would I start anyway?") they just accept the voice they are "stuck" with.

But transforming our relationship with the voice, as well as the sound can be very simple, practical and painless!

It can be useful to begin to notice thoughts (feelings) and insights that occur to you when you use your voice, listen to others etc.... try to notice your reactions dispassionately, possibly explore where that thought/feeling originated.

Is it true? Or is it just a thought?

...from this point you can start looking in the direction of influencing changes, developing techniques and strategies.

Your approach to developing vocal control can be the same as learning a new sport. Skills and techniques can be practical and physical, gradually altering your ability to choose to control and produce your sound, improving your confidence and transforming your relationship with your voice...

...no stress...

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