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Saturday, 10 December 2016

It's Your Voice

I have been moved by many background stories from my singing clients lately, and wanted to share the following.
A shocking number of people never sing, or never enjoy singing because of what I call "negative vocal beliefs".
Usually, at some point in their lives, they were ridiculed, teased or humiliated by a remark about their voice, and the pleasure and joy of singing withered on the vine. These beliefs stick, and they affect our confidence. They shut us down.
Understanding the root of the belief and acknowledging those feelings and emotions in a safe context can be the first step to reclaiming your right to sing.
It is your voice. It is nobody else's business!

You don't have to be a soloist or an entertainer, but you have a right to use your own voice without judgement or criticism.
And, whatever stage you are at, you can learn to be in better control of the sound you produce.
Learning technique and getting into a simple routine of practice can make an enormous difference. Either one to one or in a supportive group. You can begin to challenge your negative vocal beliefs and reclaim the joy of singing!
Our methods include simplified vocal technique, relaxation, breath work, Hypnotherapy and Life coaching with a lot of humour thrown in!

Let me know if you would like to talk to me about your vocal experience. ...and breathe!